Poster & Abstract

Posters & Abstract

WARNING! From 2011 I am not mainting anymore the list of posters and abstracts.. sorry!

S. Sanna, M. Pitzalis, M. Zoledziewska, I. Zara, C. Sidore, R. Murru, M. B. Whalen, L. Scirru, M. A. Secci, F. Deidda, L. Corrado, N. Barizzone, F. Poddie, L. Morelli, G. Farina, M. Dei, S. Lai, A. Mulas, Y. Li, M. Pugliatti, S. Traccis, A. Angius, S. D'alfonso, M. Melis, G. Rosati, G. R. Abecasis, M. Uda, M. G. Marrosu, D. Schlessinger, F. Cucca. Variants within the CBLB gene are associated with multiple sclerosis. ASHG 2010 Washington DC  November 2nd-6th. Poster #1089

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