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Posters & Abstract

WARNING! From 2011 I am not mainting anymore the list of posters and abstracts.. sorry!

WM Chen , A. U. Jackson, A. Scuteri, M. R. Erdos, M. Uda , W. Duren, S. Sanna, H. Stringham, A. Mulas, A. Shen, L. J. Scott, S. Najjar, A. Shuldiner, J. Tuomiletho, E. Lakatta, R. N. Bergman, D. Schlessinger, M. Boehnke, .G. R. Abecasis, R. Watanabe. Genome-wide association scans in cohorts from Sardinia and Finland identify a locus for fasting glucose. ASHG, 57th meeting, San Diego, October 2007. Poster #259 abstract

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