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C. Sidore , S. Sanna, F. Busonero, W. Chen, H. M. Kang, C. Fuchsberger, F. C. Sidore Reinier, R. Berutti, M. F. Urru, M. Marcelli, R. Cusano, A. Maschio, R. Nagaraja, D. Schlessinger, C. Jones, F. Cucca, G. Abecasis, M. Uda. Whole Genome Sequencing of 500 individuals in an Isolated Population. Biology Of Genomes (Cold Spring Harbor) 2011

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E. Porcu, M. Medici, G. Pistis, A. Cappola, C. Volpato, S. J. Brown, M. Gögele, S. Wilson, J. O'Connell, T. Tanaka, M. den Heijer, J. Deelen, D. Toniolo, R. Peeters, S. Sanna, S. Naitza; A meta-analysis of thyroid-related traits reveals novel loci in the regulation of circulating thyroid stimulating hormone and thyroxine circulating levels. ESHG 2011, Amsterdam, May 25-31 (Poster)


I. Zara , M. Pitzalis, M. Zoledziewska, E. Cocco, F. Deidda, J. Frau, M. Dei, S. Lai, F. Poddie, R. Cusano, M. Marcelli, F. Reinier1, R. Berutti , C. Sidore, M.
Valentini, G. Farina, D. Schlessinger, G. Rosati, S. Sanna, F. Cucca; A genome-wide association study for two autoimmune diseases in Sardinia. ESHG 2011, Amsterdam, May 25-31 (Poster)


M. Valentini, I. Zara, M. Muggiri, M. Moro, C. Podda, L. Leoni, C. Jones, S. Sanna; Comparison of two strategies for genotype calling. ESHG 2011, Amsterdam, May 25-31 (Poster)

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M. Steri, L. Morelli, M. Pitzalis, M. Zoledziewska, F. Busonero, A. Maschio, F. Poddie, M. Uda, D. Schlessinger, F. Cucca, S. Sanna. A genome-wide analysis of Sardinian population structure ESHG 2011, Amsterdam, May 25-31 (Poster)

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 August 2011 15:30
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