This project is case-control study on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), directed by Prof. Francesco Cucca, head of the Laboratorio  Immunologia at Sardegna Ricerche, professor of Human Genetics at the Universita' di Sassari e director of the IRGB- CNR in Cagliari. I have coordinated and carried out the statistical analyses of the project.

This study involves > 6000 volontueers (about 3000 MS patients and 3000 controls) recruited in Sardinia. It aims to find the genetic variants influencing the risk of developing MS, a disease that is present in all Western countries but has very high incidence in Sardinia.

On 2010 (link), we identified a novel genetic variant in a gene, CBLB, that increases the risk of the disease by 1.35 folds. This effect still doesn't explains the high incidence in Sardinia, thus we continue our research. We are now incorporating whole-genome sequencing information using next-generation sequencers.

The study is carried out in collaboration with many research groups and clinics , including: the CRS4 (Centro per Studi e Ricerche in Sardegna), the Hospitals Brotzu e Binaghi di Cagliari , the blood transfusion center in  Sassari , the University of Michigan and the National Health Institute degli Stati Uniti.

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